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Our Approach

YDO takes a strategic approach to improving your web environments.

Our process takes the following stages:


A project manager from YDO will conduct meetings with key stakeholders in order to gather all requirements for the overall project.


The YDO strategy and design team will build wireframes and page layouts to provide a structure for the content and data.


The YDO development team will follow the strategic plan for completion of your web environments, adhering to industry standards and best practices.


The YDO team will review with your team to get final approval, and launch the new environment as dictated by the project plan.

The process doesn’t end at launch! We’re available to work with you to get the best, targeted traffic from search engines and partner sites. We will consistently analyze traffic and make appropriate content adjustments. We can analyze how the site is converting your prospects and perhaps show you how to make what we just made perform even better.