Using effective calls to actionYou may recall in our recent business blogging series mentions of having effective “calls-to-action” for your visitors.   Of course you are happy they’ve arrived at your website and are happily soaking up the glorious content you’ve provided, but what do they do next?  What do you want them to do next? Well they won’t know unless you tell them, right?

Calls-to-action are those subtle and not-so-subtle nudges to your visitors that get them to “do something” to continue or further your relationship.  It can be as “covert” as strategically linking words or sentences within your page or blog post copy  (ahem, see the first sentence of this post).  Or it can be as blatant as brightly colored icons with persuasive copy begging you to click it to find out what lies beyond.  Both have the same end-game… Driving traffic to and through your website and turning visitors into customers.

While it may seem simple to just link some text or add a few graphic buttons, there is still a level of strategy involved in creating effective calls-to-action.  Our friends over at Hubspot have a great FREE eBook on how to do just that.  It addresses why calls-to-action are so important in your marketing plans as well as how to pick the right ones, where to place them on your website, and even how to optimize them for maximum return.

Free eBook: How to Create Effective Calls-to-Action

How are you using calls-to-action on your website?  Let us know!


Rob Riggs

Rob Riggs is a talented entrepreneur and keynote speaker with more than 10 years experience developing technical solutions for organizations representing a wide array of industries. Rob leads the Your Design Online development team. He and his team are responsible for taking the concept, the design, the graphics and copy and transforming them into effective digital experiences. Read more here.