Your Business In The Cloud

Are you still on the fence about moving your business to “The Cloud?”  Maybe it’s because you’re not sure what that means exactly.  In a nutshell, “The Cloud” (cloud computing) basically allows your company to access all the tools and programs that your employees need to do their jobs (such as project management programs, email,…

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What the Right Tests Can Do for Your Business

Marketing is both art and science. The art comes from listening and understanding the needs of users in order to customize your message and increase conversion rates.

The science comes from using analytics data to test which marketing actions provide the greatest return and why.

Yet many business owners struggle with testing and can’t figure how to use it as part of their marketing strategies.

25 years of SEO

In the short time that the internet has been around, a lot has been learned about SEO. The invention of search engines such as Yahoo or Google, gave us a unique way to connect with people all around the world. But as more people set up shop online, it became all the more difficult to…

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Being Exact

Waiting to get on with support for a client. My Estimated Wait Time is 4.8066298342541 minutes. Thanks, HostGator Chat Support, for being so exact. What if we were this exact with other things? Like calculating the grams of sugar in a single Fig Newton (but who can eat just one??).