MarketingEasy online video tips

The answer is a resounding YES!  You may think that YouTube and other video platforms are just for silly teenage stunts and piano-playing cats, but video can be a very powerful tool for business.  Adding video content to your website can enhance the way you connect with customers, colleagues and prospects.

Here’s a link to our YouTube channel, just to give you a few ideas.

Show off your knowledge and expertise…

One of the biggest things you want to show to anyone that visits your business website is that you know your stuff.  There is no better way to showcase your credibility than with video.  You can upload recordings or share slides of presentations you’ve given.   How about creating short videos of valuable tips or answers to most common questions?  You can conduct an interview with an expert.  Sound familiar?  It should, since we covered these topics in our blogging for business series.  You can actually turn some of those written content suggestions into videos!

Show off your products and services…

Don’t just tell your prospects who you are and what you can do… show them!  Record a video demo of your product.  Do a video tour of your offices and introduce your awesome staff.  Create a “commercial” or “trailer” for your business.  Invite your satisfied customers to do video testimonials.

Enhance the customer experience…

Video can be an amazing tool for customer service.  Instead a of list of long-winded “Frequently Asked Questions,” why not create video tutorials as solutions!  You can even go the extra mile with customer inquiries by posting a video response on your blog… after all, that one person may not be the only one with that question, right?

I bet your creative juices are flowing now!  Using video can be a fun and fast way to effectively  communicate with your business audience.  Ready for your close up?

Are you already using video as a part of your overall business strategy?  Let us know how it’s working for you!