Keeping your website up-to-date improves its performance and contributes to your business goals. Upgrades and customizations make the necessary changes that translate into higher conversion rates and increased revenue for your law firm.

Knowing what options are available helps you determine the best strategy for your website’s design. Implementing them properly and connecting your site’s design with your marketing strategy help you get the most out of your business website.

Measuring Your Website’s Performance

The first step in upgrading and customizing your website is to determine its current performance.

There are many indicators that you can use including the amount of traffic your website receives, pageviews, bounce and conversion rates, and time spent on each page.

Having this data in place helps you develop a plan that optimizes your site for users and search engines. If your website’s analytics system isn’t already set up, this may be the first upgrade to consider.

It’s an invaluable way to see what elements of your website are contributing to your goals and which ones may be negatively impacting your marketing results.

You can determine what upgrades provide the highest return so that you maximize your investment and reduce unnecessary spending.

Optimizing for Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an evolving area of online marketing, and law firms need to stay current with the latest methods, tools, and strategies to achieve high rankings in search engine results pages.

This gives your practice greater visibility and allows your website to reach more of your ideal prospects. Search engine algorithms are becoming better at ranking high-quality content that provides useful and relevant information to users.

More importantly, the right SEO strategy improves the user experience of your site. This leads to a higher number of return visits, which further improves your search engine rankings.

Well-written content, fast page loading speeds, link profiles, navigation, and keyword targeting are just some of the methods used to upgrade websites and meet the demands of today’s search engines.

Adding Content Overlays

Content overlays are another addition that can improve the performance of your website while serving many purposes.

These include increasing engagement at specific points of the interaction with users as well as providing alerts that compel them to take action on your site.

Today’s web designers incorporate content overlays to enhance their implementation of page forms, advertisements, and portfolios.

Content overlays increase the time spent on a page by providing important information without moving users to another location.

Customized Wrappers

Web developers can use customized wrappers to further improve your site’s usability and performance. Wrappers enclose specific elements within your website’s design structure.

They separate important elements on your page from surrounding text, sidebars, and other parts of your website. Wrappers enhance the visual design of your site through the use of background colors, images, and borders.

This helps your website emphasize your copy and layout in ways that improve the experience for users and the performance of each page.

It makes it easier for visitors to read the content of your pages and clarify your brand’s marketing message.

These are just some of the ways that your law firm can upgrade and customize its website. The changes that are available can range from simple to complex design strategies.

Working with a web development team that understands your business needs as well as those of your target audience helps you create a website that establishes your brand, generates new leads, and converts those leads into paying clients.

What upgrades and customizations have improved your website’s performance? Let us know in the comments below.

If you think your website is struggling due to outdated or missing design elements, take the time to evaluate your analytics and see what parts may be hurting its performance.

The right upgrades and optimizations can lead to a significant increase in your marketing results and take your law practice to a new level of success.

Rob Riggs

Rob Riggs is a talented entrepreneur and keynote speaker with more than 10 years experience developing technical solutions for organizations representing a wide array of industries. Rob leads the Your Design Online development team. He and his team are responsible for taking the concept, the design, the graphics and copy and transforming them into effective digital experiences. Read more here.

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