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When To (Not) Worry About Your SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy is at the core of your success in search engines results pages (SERP), industry directories, and social media. Continual algorithm updates can make this part of your marketing seem like it needs the most attention.

This can come at the expense of the other vital parts of your business, such as providing greater value through your products and services.

25 years of SEO

In the short time that the internet has been around, a lot has been learned about SEO. The invention of search engines such as Yahoo or Google, gave us a unique way to connect with people all around the world. But as more people set up shop online, it became all the more difficult to…

Traffic to your website

The Power of Metrics to Grow Traffic

As the access to infinite amounts of data gets easier, webmasters can track the performance of their websites with increased specificity. For bloggers looking to optimize their sites and increase traffic, metrics provide the information needed to create the most valuable content for their audience. WordPress and Sitefinity are content management systems that allow individuals…