Marketing your legal services online requires the strategies and tools that express your brand’s message, engages its target audience, and converts prospects into paying clients.

Law firms spend a lot of resources designing beautiful eye-catching websites. But they often overlook the fundamental elements of a successful site, causing their sites to fail in providing the results they’re after.

The perfect tagline is one of many factors that you need to consider when designing a website that gives you measurable marketing results. Knowing how a tagline can make or break your site ensures that your brand achieves lasting success.

What a Tagline Does for Your Site

A tagline distinguishes your law firm from industry competitors, makes your brand memorable to prospective clients, and provides the clarity needed to minimize bounce rates on your site.

Your website’s tagline captures the attention of online users while compelling content turns that attention into the interest that leads to increased engagement.

But not all taglines are created equally. In order to craft the perfect tagline for your site, you need to spend time thinking about the value that your services provide.

A perfect tagline encapsulates these benefits into a single statement that resonates with your ideal prospects.

Creating the Perfect Tagline

Businesses and marketing teams spend a great deal of time creating taglines that engage their audiences and articulate their unique value propositions.

You can begin this process by considering the benefits that your legal services provide and the things that distinguish your law firm from its competitors.

The following are the essentials to creating the perfect tagline:

  • Express Your Brand’s Voice

Your brand must have a unique voice that existing and future clients recognize. Creating a brand voice is a process that your law firm must undergo when developing its marketing strategy.

The right brand voice resonates with your ideal clients and is essential to developing the relationships needed to succeed in today’s marketplace.

  • Make Your Law Firm Memorable

It’s estimated that a website has between 4–7 seconds to capture and engage a visitor’s attention. The perfect tagline makes your law firm memorable in the minds of your prospects.

A tagline that expresses your value proposition in a way that’s easy to remember increases the time spent on your site’s pages and ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

  • Define the Benefits of Your Services

The perfect tagline expresses the benefits of your services to site visitors. It gives your audience clarity on what they can achieve or obtain from engaging with your brand and purchasing your legal services.

Taglines, like all copywriting, work to increase your sales in the same way that a salesperson or brand representative would do in person. It defines the benefits to the prospect in a way that’s aligned with their primary pain points.

  • Make Your Tagline Strategic

In order to achieve optimal results from your tagline, it must be an integrated part of your marketing strategy. Your strategy comes from the mission of your law firm, the goals it seeks to achieve, the market it serves, and the services it provides.

The perfect tagline expresses your law firm’s vision to prospects, which supports its branding efforts and helps you consistently reach the right audience.

If you’re struggling to develop a tagline for your website, let us know what questions or challenges you’re facing in the comments below.

Your tagline’s ability to make or break your site depends on the factors related to your brand and its unique value proposition.

Understanding your target audience and the benefits that your services provide them helps you craft the perfect tagline for your new website.

Rob Riggs

Rob Riggs is a talented entrepreneur and keynote speaker with more than 10 years experience developing technical solutions for organizations representing a wide array of industries. Rob leads the Your Design Online development team. He and his team are responsible for taking the concept, the design, the graphics and copy and transforming them into effective digital experiences. Read more here.

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